A journey to Unlocking the Secrets to Living a Fun and Fulfilling Life

Unlock the full potential of your life and embark on The Quest to leave behind the discomfort of mediocrity. Are you tired of feeling drained, stuck, uninterested, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled? The Quest coaching program is here to guide you towards the extraordinary life of your dreams. The journey may be challenging, but with The Quest's tools and support, you'll be able to overcome and achieve success.

"Life is a Journey, Not a Destination - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Coaching Process

step 1

Base Camp

First customize your journey by going through BASECAMP - where you will get the tools you need for your Journey.

step 2

Check in to monthly topic

This is a Self-Paced program where we teach a new topic on personal development every month. These topics include:

Business & Career

Personal Identity

Time Management







Step 3

get coached

When you sign up for the Coaching plan, you have access to our live coaching webinars. This is where you have a chance to "get coached" or just sit back and watch others receive coaching.

Step 4


And because we love to have fun while learning we give you something to take with you on your journey every month by giving you challenges.


You get the perfect mix of growth psychology, actionable strategy, and group coaching to keep moving forward!

  • You learn to take action BY YOUR DESIGN-this is sustainable!

  • You are more likely To do something if you know What you Want

  • you will start taking action when you understand where you are going by having clear plans and taking daily actions

  • Our method makes your habits and actions SIMPLE.


  • Living joyfully

  • Stepping beyond self-sabotage and old "programming"

  • Your Vision

  • Finding Your Gifts

  • Developing Strong Habits, Routines, & Rituals

  • Time Management to get more done

  • Defining Your Adventure & Chasing it

  • Quantum Leaps-biggest growth with least amount of action

  • UBU-Your Identity

  • Nurturing Strong Faith


  • Financial abundance from your design

  • accomplishing goals easily

  • Taking powerful, inspired action

  • using your gifts to create more results

  • working from your noble cause

  • Aligning your gifts & talents to your work

  • selling & leading from your identity

  • finding & leading your HECK YES Army

  • how to Work easy, not hard


  • how to create unity in your family

  • permission to be different

  • Creating Time and memories

  • Romancing your spouse

  • the art of play

  • Staying Present

  • Disciplining

  • Family Identity

  • Education planning

  • adventure planning

  • helping your children find their gifts


Basic Membership


Life transformation at a great price!


Membership + Coaching


Everything in Basic PLUS you get coaching in a group setting twice a month!


Personal Coaching


Everything in PLUS, and you also get personalized 1-on-1 asynchronous coaching on demand via app.

The Purpose of Life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear, for newer and richer experiences. - Eleanor Roosevelt

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