Executive Level Coaching

Release your gifts in your business and leave the grind behind.

45 Minute Strategy Session.

We will find out if coaching is a fit, and I will leave you with strategy to gain immediate results no matter what.

Just a few questions before we schedule...

How often do we meet?

The simplest answer is.....whatever it takes. In the beginning, we start by meeting weekly. At some point, we move to bi-weekly sessions, with daily availability via video coaching app.

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How long is the contract?

If we begin a journey together, you are never a captive. I do ask for a 90 day commitment up front as we get to know each other. After that, it's month-to-month. My goal is to remove myself from your equation after you get to the place you desired. If you need to stop, just give me 30 days notice, and we will phase out as powerfully as we began.

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What if I don't get results

I think it's impossible for someone who is aligned with their purpose to not have professional and personal growth. Sometimes, we don't reach goals in the timeline that we hoped we would, for various reasons. This is a partnership. If you don't feel like we are moving in the right direction, it is on you to let me know, so we can adjust our strategy, or part ways. A coach will never have the glory of the game-winning touchdown. That's because the work, and the rewards belong to the player.

You will get results if you stick to your game plan. It may be different than your initial plan.

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